"Building Bridges with Light"
In memoriam of Yu. N. Denisyuk
10th International Symposium on Display Holography
28 June - 3 July, 2015, St. Petersburg

Welcome to ISDH-2015!

The ISDH-2015 is being held in Saint-Petersburg, the second largest city of Russia. The international Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg is approximately 30 km from the city center. The ISDH-2015 is located near the historical city center.
Saint Petersburg was 300 years old in 2003. A comparatively young city, it has always been famous for its monumental beauty. The streets, embankments and squares are in themselves works of art, created by great masters. A wonderful panorama opens from the banks of the Neva river, which is magnificently flowing through the city: the Peter-and-Paul Fortress and the Admiralty with their gleaming spires, Winter Palace, housing the world famous Hermitage, the Rostral Columns and fascinating bridges.

Opening of the symposium and sessions will be held in the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

University emb. 5, St. Petersburg


  Design: Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics, ITMO University