"Building Bridges with Light"
In memoriam of Yu. N. Denisyuk
10th International Symposium on Display Holography
28 June - 3 July, 2015, St. Petersburg

  The 10th International Symposium on Display Holography is the 10th in a series of conferences which originated at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois, USA, in 1982. 

The ISDH is a unique event. It is not like any other scientific conference. Rather, it is one that synthesizes history, education, art, science, and economic developments that involve holography. A unique purpose of the ISDH, besides the obvious exchange of information on display holography, is to engender a sense of community among participants.

At the 2015 symposium the latest advancements in holography and holographic imaging will be reported and demonstrated, including both state-of-the-art computer-synthetic and electronic holography for display purposes. The recent developments of large-format colour holograms will be reported.
The use of ultra-realistic colour holografic images for the recording of unique museum artefacts will be an important part of the conference program. In addition, the history and the future of holography will be covered.

The ISDH 2015 will be held in memoriam of Yuri N. Denisyuk, the Russian inventor of display holography, who graduated from ITMO University and was a professor at this university for many years.

Parallel to the symposium there will be an international exhibition The Mystery of the Light featuring a rich collection of the best holograms from all over the world, as well as optical illusions, interactive educational exhibits and much more. The exhibition will be held in Elisseev Palace - the former residence of one of the richest families of Russian Empire with unique original interiors.

The exhibition, which will be opened during the week of the symposium, will be officially open to the public and will run through October 2015.

The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015) to promote and celebrate the significance of light and its applications during 2015. The ISDH 2015 will be organized in the framework of the IYL.



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  Design: Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics, ITMO University